Mission Statement


Hope Makers Recovery was founded on the principle that people don't need to be stuck in limbo recovering from substance abuse. Our team has put in thousands of hours of work to streamline the process of finding addiction treatment and also has worked directly with upwards of 400 clients directly and many more indirectly.

The owners Tim and Jake are active in their recovery today and have worked in the professional industry of Addiction Treatment for an accumulative total of 10 years. They have also utilized many different treatment modalities and strategies to design specific treatment techniques to help all types of individuals.

Hope Makers was birthed of the idea that finding quality treatment options doesn't have to be a long drawn out process that adds stress on the already burdensome situation of active addiction. Early in Jake's recovery finding treatment options was so much added stress onto the near-death experience that he encountered late in the stages of addiction. The last thing that he wanted to burden his family with was insurance co-pays and draining the family of hard earned cash to help his intolerable situation. This was the springboard of the company that is HopeMakers. A consulting, mentoring and recovery coaching company dedicated to people struggling with addiction.

After experiencing this pressure and struggle to find quality addiction care, Jake set out to create something that filled-in-the-blanks and eliminated the apprehensions and fears associated with going to treatment for substance abuse. It is well known that the industry is riddled with people who are looking for a quick come-up or do not put the clients uppermost safety and recovery in mind. So HopeMakers was designed to give you a buffer zone into the treatment world. We act as a liaison for you so that you can always be heard, and always get your needs met.

What started as an idea to help link people to the recovery world, blossomed into many facets. We work one-on-one with many clients with recovery programs and outlines directly focused on their current situation. We help people integrate back into the social life of the world. We help people find treatment options and mental-health recovery options dealing with Dual-Diagnosis situations. We take free consultation calls and create fundraisers to help people that don't have the resources or insurance to get help. A lot of our work is done pro-bono and we really stand by the policy of "Never turn anyone away."

This can take a lot of man hours away from helping those that do have the resources but we at HopeMakers believe it is the right thing to do and that not everyone was born with a silver spoon in their mouths.

We employ people with different personality types because we understand that not all of our clients are the same. We have female and male options so that every one of our clients can feel safe and secure, and can confide in the fact that their situations be kept as discreet and trusting as possible. We are active on Message Boards, in our communities directly with families and friends and business to business relations. We are involved in the fire-departments of California, the local police departments, and our reach stretches to the East Coast of the United States in states like Philladelphia, New York, New Jersey, and beyond. We understand the problem of substance abuse and will find anyway to help those in need if we have the resources to do so.