What We Do


Hope Makers is an intervention and sober mentoring service whose primary mission is to ensure the longevity of our client’s futures. We partner with unique and certified addiction treatment facilities that focus on a smaller client to staff ratio and specialize in individualized recovery plans.

We are also highly committed to providing powerful, original, and evidenced backed sobriety services to the recovery community at large. Put in the simplest terms, we strive to show people that recovery is not all a glum lot, and are realistic when we say that it is commonly recognized as such in various parts of the country. Our team of skilled and experienced individuals not only meet the client where they are, but are dedicated to finding the right treatment model that fits the client’s needs. Whatever it may be, we often draw from numerous treatment modalities and don’t push any one way over the other. Be it a 12 step model, Smart Recovery, Refuge Recovery, or any other system that is going to move the client towards a fulfilling future, we are able to help. We want the option of relapse to begin seeming less and less appealing as the client progresses and moves on. We can help any client in any situation, and operate under the highest ethical standards.