We help restore the vital instinct within you.


Some of the Earth's greatest beings are threatened by a corrupted sense of self. Some refer to these beings as “addicts” or “alcoholics.” We aim to protect these rare life forms from exploitation and spiraling further into the depths of an often unknowable hell. For us, as we are all recovering “addicts” and “alcoholics",” we know the misery accompanied by addiction first hand. We also understand that for someone truly in the grips of addiction, the “spiritual” death is scarier than the physical. We treat every client with a type of compassion and understanding that is hard to find elsewhere in the current state of the recovery industry. We have been there, and we have found a way out.



Find out about our organization,
mission, our methods, and the results of our years of community support for those truly in need.

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Escape, take action

Have you or a loved one hit “rock bottom?” Whether you or a family member are struggling with this horrid affliction, there are ways out. If you’re a family member, you can even participate in the recovery process. We encourage human connection in every way possible.