Outpatient Rehabilitation Programs


Outpatient rehabilitation programs, commonly referred to as "IOP," which stands for Intensive Outpatient, are generally considered a viable option for less severe cases. Severe cases often require medical detoxes and 30 day minimum treatment programs, whereas IOP programs the patient can still uphold any responsibilities they have in their everyday life such as school, work, etc.. Consulting with a professional about whether or not outpatient is the best option for each individual case is usually highly recommended.

What to expect from an IOP Program

Outpatient programs vary in intensity, ranging from 1-5 days a week and anywhere from 1-4 hours per day. More often than not, the program will also administer urine screens multiple times weekly to ensure the client is complying with the rules of the program. Patients will work with a team of specialists including case workers, counselors, psychiatrists, and psychologists to make sure every aspect of their mental health and well being is addressed and considered.

Some go as far as to say that 12 step programs are considered outpatient, yet there is a fine line to be drawn here. Treatment and overall recovery are two entirely different things. Treatment addresses the individuals lack of life skills and is more so focused on behavioral modification, whereas recovery is often considered to be a more philosophical endeavor wherein one strives to find purpose and meaning in life. The ideal approach is to cover all bases and address each issue at its core in order for the client to overcome their previous traumas in the most well rounded way, ensuring the construction of an entirely new worldview and perception of reality.

Outpatient Sober Living Programs

Some outpatient programs also partner with sober living facilities where the client lives in a house with other sober alcoholics and addicts, works, pays an affordable rent cost, and is given time and breating room to start a new life and save money while also working on themselves. Every scenario is different, however, and it is always beneficial to learn of the unique strenghths and weaknesses of multiple programs so the best fit for the individual can be found.